Apple juice – Made in China?

11 09 2011

I received a FaceBook message recently from Julie stating;

… Look at the apple juice when you go to the store and see where it’s from. Dad and I looked at every bottle of apple juice at Walmart the other day and did not find one that was not a product of China…

Well, first of all my father would have a heart attack knowing you shop at Walmart and not Meijer’s, but there is none in the south so I think he will forgive you. Secondly, I was shocked that there were absolutely zero local apple juice producers in Florida (where she resides) and didn’t realize China produced apples let alone run some sort of apple juice monopoly in America! I wonder if it is the same back home in Canada, or in the Meijer’s stores?

So today in search of the answer I walked to Carrefour, the local supermarket here by my apartment to find out.

First I must say – Carrefour is HUGE! It is like a 3 floored super Walmart, with a mall inside.

(Links to pictures)

Carrefour exterior

Typical bikes and scooter parking lot


Apple juice!

First – I am studying Manadarin Chinese and I cannot read the labels (yet) but I did see the Characters for China 中国  quite frequently and on one particular bottle it did say made in China.

The price, 9 RMB is about $1.30 CND for the big cartons or decently sized bottles.

I don’t see any apple trees where I am, but there sure must be a ton of them somewhere! Next time I’m there with Tanya I will ask her to read the label and to find out 100%.

Having been here for 19 days roughly and not having eaten anything but local food it was tough to walk past this (inside the Carrefour), but I felt good about it after!

So tempting…




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11 09 2011

Well….I hope that the next trip to the store is not as painful! You are right we don’t have Meijers here and I do try not to shop at Walmart….they just happened to be where we stopped that day….and for once they actually had everything we went in for! That store you went into, reminds me of the grocery in Switzerland….if it is the same chain..what an awesome store and why don’t we have one here! The one in Switzerland was like….high end department store for food…awesome! Seems like all our apple juice is a concentrate of Argentina, Venezuela, Chile and China…dont have any from Canada or USA. At the moment here in the US there is a concern for the safety/quality of some of the products that are being sold here. A lot of items are being labeled with “Distributed by a company” instead of “Product of a country” This is a bit of a concern especially with so much food coming from other countries around the world that may not have the same safety/quality regulations that we do here in America. Did you know that even our toothpics come from China? Not to pick on China but the more I look at where things come from the more I see that comes from China. When do they rest over there! I am enjoying your blog and your pictures and cant wait to see more! Have a great get off this computer and go back to your books!!

12 09 2011

I see the same type of stuff back home in Canada with everything being made in China. I really don’t blame Walmart or other big chain stores for buying it as the labour here is dirt cheap, and with 1.3 billion people there is no shortage of migrant workers willing to work for 16+ hours a day and all for pennies. We all want the low prices in our hometown but this scenario (buying from China) is the cost of that. Even in Canada we sell wood to America to be cut/processed and then we buy it back at an inflated price to us Canadians. I don’t see this changing anytime soon unless us westerners stop demanding higher minimum wage and more holidays etc… (which will never happen)

The store is a French chain, so it’s possible as it’s a European chain also.

And yes, you are right I should be studying and I have today. But… while the girlfriend is away, Robert will play… online. Hopefully she doesn’t read this. 🙂

Thanks for the comment though and I’ll update when Tanya is back and can translate some labels for me!
Take care,

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